TI-83 Plus Projects

Over time I wrote quite a number of useful and less useful programs for the graphing calculator TI-83 Plus by Texas Instruments.


radiation biohazard voltage dna


Galax 2

In Galax you collect resources and build different various things with these. However, there is no goal in this game and I never got around to write the planned mulitplayer mode. This makes the whole game a bit boring.

Supports MirageOS.


This is a clone of of the Linux game with the same name. Starting from a base planet you send space ships to other planets to conquer them and finally eliminate your opponent. The game is round based and is played on one TI. Unfortunately, this wait time between rounds is quite long. Luckily, you can save the current game state at any time.

Finally, it should be mentioned that there is still one bug I was never able to locate and fix. This bug was called “Eaten by Error” by a friend of mine and results in space ships never reaching their target planet. But that might also be because of space pirates or black holes.


Supports MirageOS.


This is a conversion of the well known game MasterMind. An X stands for a correct digit at the correct position; > stands for a correct digit which is at the wrong position.

Supports MirageOS.


Robowar is a game for two players at one calculator. Each player creates their own robot out of various elements. Afterwards these robots fights against each other in a virtual arena.

Because this program has many subprograms, I have packed them all in a single group. The corresponding file has to be copied to the calculator; then you have to press [2nd], [Mem (+)], [up], [Enter], [right], select the group “ROBOWAR” and press again [Enter] to unpack the group.

screenhot screenhot screenhot

Supports MirageOS.


TI-Battle is a text-based battle game with the following features:

  • 10 Spells
  • Character traits (HP, MP, Attack, Defense, Agility, Intelligence)
  • AI (OK, I admit that it’s to much to say that it is a real AI)
  • Player vs player matches
  • You can download the character data of another player via the link cable and fight against this character which will be controlled by the AI.
  • Auto-save
  • Player names
  • Statistics about wins and loses
  • The NPC difficulty can be changed any time
  • Plugins

Moreover there is a optional “FairPlay” by player vs player matches, which balances the disadvantage of the player which is at a lower level. Unfortunately, this mode is not fully developed.

Supports MirageOS.


TI-Arena is a plugin for TI-Battle, in which you will fight against enemies which are getting stronger and stronger until you lose. For this fights you earn also experience points. If you get enough to advance a level you can do this when you start TI-Battle the next time. After the last fight the plugin will show you your score which tells you how well you fought.


If you are too lazy to create your own character in TI-Battle you can use this tool. It provides some predefined characters like fighter, different mages or paladin.


TI-Spells adds the function for showing which spells you have already learned. It is also able to show you in a tree diagram in which order spells can be learned.

Miscellaneous Programs


With the BaseConverter you can can convert numbers from one basis to another. The highest supported basis is 36.

Supports MirageOS.


A small tool to delete all the A–Z variables and strings because I was sometimes bothered by all the entries in the memory menu.

Supports MirageOS.