Maintained Projects


GopPy (Gaussian Online Processes for Python) is a pure Python module providing a Gaussian process implementation which allows to add new data efficiently online. I wrote this module because all other Python implementations I knew did not support efficient online updates.


This weblog and website was not created in a single day and went through a couple of iterations in it’s already more than 10 years of existence. Basically, it all started when I was in the 7th grade. The school offered an “Internet club” where I learned a little bit HTML which I put soon to use in building my first small homepage. I could host in on tiny amount of web space of my Internet provider. Probably no one ever visited it and unfortunately no backup exists. I can only remember that it had a black background.

Unmaintened Projects

Annotated Shading Language (ASL)

This is an extension of the shading language. It allows to annotate shader variables with default values, allowed ranges, descriptions and can include other shader programs with a dependency mechanism. This capabilities were demonstrated in a simple shader based image manipulation program which generated its controls from those annotations.


A Backgammon game. You can either compete against a human opponent or the computer. It is also possible to play over a network connection.

Pen&Paper Character Sheets

I designed some character sheets for Pen&Paper roleplaying games.

Connect Four

A Connect Four game. It is possible to compete against another human at one computer or via a network connection. You can also play against a computer opponent. The game rules (like the number of rows and columns or the number of discs needed in a row to win) can be freely configured. This game has been developed for a project in an university course.


FractalViewer allows to explore different fractals. Namely, these are the Mandelbrot set, the Julia set, the Newton fractal, and the spider fractal. It is possible to configure the colorization and export images.


gpx2ipod is a Prel script which converts gpx files into the Apple iPod notes format und enables paperless geocaching with your iPod.


This WordPress plugin shows the path to the page or post the user is currently surfing, so he will not get lost in the navigation structure and can navigate quickly.

TI-83 Plus Projects

Over time I wrote quite a number of useful and less useful programs for the graphing calculator TI-83 Plus by Texas Instruments.


The Xpost (speak it: crosspost) plugin allows you to crosspost your posts to other WordPress blogs or Community Server blogs via XML-RPC.