gpx2ipod is a Prel script which converts gpx files into the Apple iPod notes format und enables paperless geocaching with your iPod.

In fact, I modified the gpx2html script of the geo-* package by Rick Richardson which itself is a modification of of the gpx2html script by FizzyMagic is. Thus, most configuration options for those scripts should work with gpx2ipod.

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The basic usage is very simple. If you run gpx2ipod without arguments, all gpx files in the current working directory will be processed. Otherwise, only the files passed as argument will be processed.

The complete output will be written to the Geocaching directory which will be created in the current working directory. Existing files in that directory will be overwritten! Afterwards the complete Geocaching directory can be copied to the iPod (e.g. /media/IPOD/Notes/).


A Perl installation with the following modules is needed:

  • XML::Twig
  • Math::Trig
  • Time::Local
  • Time::localtime
  • Date::Manip
  • HTML::Entities

If these are installed it suffices to download the gpx2ipod script and make it executable.


Unfortunately, the license is not clear. The original gpx2html doesn’t contain any license information.