This weblog and website was not created in a single day and went through a couple of iterations in it’s already more than 10 years of existence. Basically, it all started when I was in the 7th grade. The school offered an “Internet club” where I learned a little bit HTML which I put soon to use in building my first small homepage. I could host in on tiny amount of web space of my Internet provider. Probably no one ever visited it and unfortunately no backup exists. I can only remember that it had a black background.

A short time after that it became hip to create RPGs with the RPG Maker 2k. To distribute my RPGs (which development I never finished) I created a new website. The colors were brown font on an ivory background. A similar background returned with my latest redesign, but is not related to this early version. Sadly, no backup of this site exists either.

The next change occurred when I was getting bored of the RPG Maker and started to program the graphing calculator TI-83 Plus. I launched a new website under the name bio.sys.de.vu at the 23rd October 2003 featuring a black-green color scheme.


As far as I remember the whole page was still written in pure HTML and CSS. But I realized that all the cool kids were using PHP and I started to learn that language. With the newly acquired skills I rebuild my homepage and changed the name to hyper-world. That name stuck, only the domain changed from hyper-world.de.vu to hyper-world.de at 23rd of August 2006. That version of my homepage also introduced the blue which should stay with it for quite some while.


The dynamic PHP backend made managing the content much more easy. However, at some point I decided that I was spending too much time on developing this backend and decided to switch to the content management system Joomla. This went along with another redesign. For some reason the only backup of this version is an unfinished version without migrated content. But it gives an impression of what the site looked like from the 10th of March 2006 onward.

hyper-world.de.vu 2

It didn’t take very long for me to realize that these kinds of content management systems were not really tailored to my purpose and quite complicated. Also, I wanted to go from the quite static site to a more weblog like website. I had a short phase in which I tried to develop my own backend again which abruptly ended after accidentally deleting my work (by now I have a better system of backups, we all learn from our mistakes).

At that point in time WordPress was already quite popular. It was also simple and could be customized to my needs with plugins. At the 26th of April 2007 I launched the WordPress based version of hyper-world.


Time passed. What was bleeding edge became old and rusty. HTML5 and CSS3 introduced a lot of new functionality that I was not taking advantage of in that old design. I wanted to better support for syntax highlighted code blocks and Markdown. I did not like PHP anymore. Thus, I decided to do once again a redesign leading to the current version utilizing the Jekyll static website generator. It also cut down a bit on the content focusing more on the important and interesting stuff. For the first time since the first website named hyper-world the dominating color scheme changed. This current version went online on June 30, 2014.