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gpx2ipod is a Perl script which converts a gpx file to the Apple iPod Notes format and makes paperless geocaching with your iPod possible.

In fact i modified the gpx2html script from the geo-* package by Rick Richardson which already is a modified version of the gpx2html script by FizzyMagic. Therefore most configuration stuff that worked with those scripts should also work with gpx2ipod. But I did not test this stuff.

The basic usage is very simple. If you just execute gpx2ipod without any arguments all gpx files in the current working directory will be processed. If pass one or more arguments the script will only process these gpx files.

The complete output will be written to the directory Geocaching which will be created in the current working directory. Already existing files in this directory may be overwritten! Afterwards copy the whole Geocaching directory to the Notes directory on your iPod (e.g. /media/IPOD/Notes/).

Screenshots (from my iPod Nano 1st generation):

Start Main Menu Cache Description Description Nearest Hint


Requirements: Perl with UTF8 support and the following modules: XML::Twig, Math::Trig, Time::Local, Time::localtime, Date::Manip, HTML::Entities (I suppose most of them are installed in any Perl installation. In my installation were only XML::Twig and Date::Manip missing.)
License: To be true: I don’t know. I was not able to find any license information concerning the original gpx2html. So I hope no one will put me in jail for releasing this gpx2ipod utility. ;)
Language: English
Developed with: Kate under Linux


Package Information Version Download Size
gpx2ipod Perl source file 1.0 gpx2ipod 32 KiB

Last modification: November 30th, 2009 at 16:02

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