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Git: Rebasing onto a branch that got merged

This post explains how you can rebase with Git a branch feature onto a branch master given that master was already merged into feature. But let us first take a look at how such a situation can come about. Let us assume we have a master branch in our project with a number of commits. The commit graph looks something like this:

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Selected Projects


GopPy (Gaussian Online Processes for Python) is a pure Python module providing a Gaussian process implementation which allows to add new data efficiently online. I wrote this module because all other Python implementations I knew did not support efficient online updates.

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Annotated Shading Language

This is an extension of the shading language. It allows to annotate shader variables with default values, allowed ranges, descriptions and can include other shader programs with a dependency mechanism. This capabilities were demonstrated in a simple shader based image manipulation program which generated its controls from those annotations.

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